Overview - Neurelo Cloud Data API Platform

Modern applications require a different approach to programming with data. Imagine not just writing less and better code faster, but also seamlessly scaling, securing and optimizing your queries with complete visibility and control. Neurelo simplifies the development process, empowering developers to achieve measurable productivity gains by eliminating the complexities associated with database programming.

Neurelo is a Cloud Data API Platform for developers. Cloud Data APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) refer to an interface that allows applications to interact with and access data from data sources such as databases. Cloud Data APIs enable seamless communication between applications and data sources, allowing for the retrieval, manipulation, and management of data over the network.

This approach allows developers to integrate various functionalities and services into their applications without the need to manage the underlying infrastructure, while offering several advantages including scalability, options to securely access the data with different deployment strategies, and the ability to collaborate on and extend data in their data sources.

How Neurelo Works

Neurelo auto-generates a rich set of APIs, in REST/JSON and GraphQL formats, that are purpose built based on application's data models. These APIs are instantly generated, comprehensively documented, and version controlled.

With Neurelo, developers build their applications by using Data APIs for all their read and write operations with databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB. Instead of running on a local server or infrastructure, these APIs are automatically deployed and managed on Neurelo's Cloud Platform.

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