Key Features

Neurelo's Cloud Data Access Platform simplifies different aspects of database programming, and running and scaling for modern applications. It enables teams to write less but better code, more efficiently, and enables queries to be managed, debugged, scaled, secured, and optimized effortlessly.

Key features of Neurelo include -

Auto-Generated APIs

Neurelo's Auto-Generated APIs significantly streamline the way developers interact with data in their datasources. This key feature automatically generates both REST and GraphQL endpoints directly from users data models and schemas. These endpoints are designed for a wide range of data operations, including Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) actions that work on single entities (tables/collections) as well as advanced join read/write tasks that go across multiple entities. Neurelo's auto-generated APIs are fully documented and version controlled.

This automation not only saves time but also ensures consistency and reliability in how your application accesses and manipulates data, allowing developers to focus on more complex aspects of their application development.

Custom Query API Endpoints with AI Assist

Custom Query APIs with AI Assist feature leverages a smart AI engine based on Large Language Models (LLM). This capability allows developers to easily create advanced custom queries, test and validate the queries, and quickly deploy these complex queries as custom API endpoints seamlessly.

Neurelo's AI assist capability enables building these queries by taking a natural language prompt from the user and generating optimized queries in SQL (Structured Query Language) or MQL (Mongo Query Language) as needed for the data sources based on the user prompt. The AI models are trained to understand the specific language and rules of databases, including syntax and meaning, along with the context of your application like the data model in the schema.

By bringing all these elements together, this feature makes application development smoother and it also boosts how efficiently and accurately one can build and run complex queries.

Query Observability

Neurelo's Query Observability feature gives users a clear visibility into what's happening with their APIs. It offers detailed metrics for each API endpoint, so one can understand and track every data action. This helps users keep an eye on performance, catch any issues, and make queries work better in real-time. Query observability can be enabled for an environment allowing one to track API and database query performance for different setups across dev, test, prod, etc. With this constant visibility, your endpoints always perform their best, making your data work more smoothly and securely.


Neurelo's Schema-as-Code feature revolutionizes data modeling by offering a programmable experience that integrates seamlessly with version control, governance, and collaboration practices. It lets users handle their database schema like source code, using coding practices they are already familiar with. This means users can easily define and manage their schema while keeping track of changes efficiently with version control. The feature also helps enforce standards, making collaboration smoother among team members, and overall, it makes developing and maintaining database schemas more efficient, clear, and consistent.

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