Wipe Data Source


Neurelo offers the “Wipe Data Source” feature, designed to erase all data from your database and reset your database schema. This feature is especially valuable for clearing your test databases, helping in troubleshooting, or facilitating a rapid environment refresh.

It is recommended that you ONLY use this feature with test databases. Do NOT use this feature with data sources with data you may not want to lose e.g. staging or production

To initiate the wipe, navigate to your “Data Sources” tab and select the Data Source you wish to wipe.

In the “Data Sources” view, the Wipe Data Source option is available in the Danger Zone section at the bottom of the settings. You will notice that the Wipe Data Source action in the “Danger Zone” is disabled by default.

This is a safety measure and is due to Neurelo's default setting of enabling “Wipe Protection” for every project. This helps safeguard against unintended data loss. Neurelo will not proceed with wiping your data source as long as this flag is active.

To proceed with wiping the data source, you must disable this flag. You can do this by toggling off the “Wipe Protection” switch and then clicking on “Save.”

It is also important to ensure that your environment runners are stopped before wiping your data source to avoid any inconsistent behavior with your API queries.

Once these actions are complete, you can click on the “Wipe” button located in the “Danger Zone” section. A dialog for wiping the data source will then appear.

Input the specified confirmation text to confirm your intention to wipe your data source. Be mindful that this action is irreversible. After confirmation, click on the “Wipe Data Source” button.

A notification will appear in the top right corner of the page, indicating that the wipe data source process has started. Following successful completion, a message stating “Data Source wiped successfully” will be displayed. This action will also be reflected in Neurelo’s audit logs.

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