Try your Neurelo APIs

Testing Your Project with Neurelo APIs

After setting up your Neurelo project, the next step is to test and experiment with the APIs that have been generated for your project. Here’s how you can proceed:

  1. Accessing the API Playground:

    • Locate the option "API Playground" on your Neurelo Dashboard

    • Clicking this option will redirect you to the Environments section of your project and load the API Playground.

  2. Testing REST and GraphQL APIs:

Within this section, you have the ability to view and interact with your REST and GraphQL APIs.

You will need to add your API Key in the "X-API-KEY" header to be able to use your APIs

Further Actions and Information:

  • For a more comprehensive understanding of all the actions you can perform in this section, refer to the [Environments] documentation page. This documentation will offer detailed guidance on utilizing the full range of features available in your Neurelo project's environment.

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