Branches and Commits


Neurelo provides a Git style Version Control System (VCS) for all your data access meta-data. This meta-data set is called "Definitions" in Neurelo and comprises Schema (as code), Auto-generated APIs and Custom Query Endpoints.

It helps you keep track of changes, so you can easily go back to an earlier version or review changes made over time. It's a handy tool that ensures your development journey is organized and you can undo or redo things whenever needed.

In Neurelo, branches are used for managing different versions or stages of your project. Here’s how you can navigate and create branches:

  1. Locating Branches:

    • Refer to the provided screenshot to find the "Branches" option.

    • On the Definitions page, you’ll see a dropdown indicating the current branch, usually set to the main branch by default.

  2. Viewing All Branches:

    • Click on "View All" in the branch dropdown to be redirected to the "Branches" section.

    • Here, you can view all the branches you have created.

      • Toggle "Include Other Branches" to switch the display between only the "Active Branches" and "All Branches".

    • If you have multiple branches, use the search bar to find a specific branch quickly.

  3. Creating a New Branch:

    • You can create a new branch from either the Definitions page or directly in the Branches section.

    • From Definitions Page: Click on the branch dropdown and select "New Branch".

    • From Branches Section: Go to the Branches section (by clicking "View All" from the Definitions page). Click the "New" button.

  4. Creating a Branch - The Process:

    • Clicking "New Branch" (inside the drop down) or "New" (on the Branches sub-section) triggers a popup for creating a new branch.

    • Enter the "Branch Name" and click on "Submit" to create the branch.

    • The new branch will appear in the branch dropdown on both the Definitions page and the Branches section.

    Branches View:

    Definitions Editor View:

  5. Navigating Back to Definitions:

    • To return to the Definitions page, click on the small back arrow located before the "Branches" title.

This functionality allows for efficient management of different project versions or stages, providing flexibility and control over your project’s development in Neurelo.

History (of Commits)

The History button is located right next to the branch button. Clicking on this will show the history of your previous commits on your branches.

View a specific Commit

You can select a particular previous commit from the commit history list and click on View commit button. This will open a new screen with the details of selected commit. The page opens in "Diff mode" by default where changes in this commit (schema as well as custom queries) are highlighted

The diff mode is enabled by default, you can disable the diff mode by sliding the Diff mode toggle button to see all the definitions in the commit.

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