Step 5 - Start Runners


A runner in Neurelo is the main component that executes and manages all API calls. In Neurelo's Cloud Data Access Platform, a runner is a part of every environment inside a project. Runners need to be started for the application to be able to handle API requests and process them against the configured data source within an environment. The final step in the onboarding process is to Start the Runners for the newly created environment within the project.

Understanding the Role of Runners:

  • Runners act as executing agents that manage the deployment and integration of your environment with the application.

  • Notes

    • Once runners for an environment are started, the environment becomes Active and certain changes to the core settings of your project cannot be made (as long as runners are active). If you need to change the settings for the environment, you may have to stop the runners, make the changes, and then restart the runners.

    • To conserve platform resources, running environments which are inactive (no api calls) for more than 7 days may be automatically stopped. When the runners are auto-stopped for inactive environments, their configuration is not impacted. Runners can be restarted anytime by clicking on "Start Runners" when you need to use the environment again.

Starting Runners in Neurelo

The final step in setting up your Neurelo project is to start the runners. Here’s how to activate them:

  1. Locating the 'Start Runners' Section:

    • In the Quickstart guide on your Neurelo Dashboard, navigate to the "Start Runners" section.

  2. Activating the Runners:

    • Click on the "Start Runners" button.

    • Upon clicking, a notification toast will appear stating, "Runners will start shortly. This will take a few seconds."

    • The card will show the status of the runners being deployed

    • Once the runners have been successfully deployed, this step is complete

Completion of Project Setup

  • With the runners successfully started, you have now completed the essential steps for the onboarding of your Neurelo project. Your environment is ready for deployment and integration activities.

What's next?

  1. Try your Neurelo APIs using the API Playground

  2. Checkout the SDKs

  3. Create Custom Query Endpoints

By following these steps, you ensure that the runners, a vital component of your project's infrastructure in Neurelo, are correctly activated and ready to handle your deployment and continuous integration needs.

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