Audit Events

Accessing Audit Events/Logs in Neurelo

The Audit Events or Logs section in Neurelo is a powerful feature that offers comprehensive insights into the activities conducted by the users in your Organization within Neurelo. This section is instrumental for tracking and auditing user actions, ensuring transparency and accountability. Here’s how you can utilize this feature:

  1. Navigating to Audit Events:

    • To begin, navigate to the lower left corner of your Neurelo Dashboard.

    • Click on your organization name. This action will open a list of options, including "Audit Events," "Members," "Org Settings," and the Organizations your account belongs to. Note - some of these options may not show up depending on whether your account is an "Admin" or a "Member" in the organization.

    • Select "Audit Events" from this list to access the logs.

  2. Overview of Activities: The audit events/logs provide a detailed overview of all actions performed. It covers various aspects like the type of activity, the date and time it was performed, the user who executed it, and the specific project it pertains to.

  3. Filtering Events for Specific Timeframes:

    • Start Date and End Date: To navigate through a vast number of events, Neurelo allows you to filter activities within a specific timeframe. You can set a 'Start Date' and 'End Date' to view events that occurred during that period.

  4. User-Specific Activity Tracking:

    • User Filter: If you need to review the actions of a specific user, you can filter events by user names. This is particularly useful in collaborative environments to track individual contributions or modifications.

  5. Project-Specific Viewing:

    • Project Filter: In cases where you’re managing multiple projects, the ability to filter activities by a specific project is invaluable. This helps in isolating events related to a particular project, facilitating easier project management and audit.

  6. Environment-Based Sorting:

    • Environment Filter: Neurelo further allows sorting activities based on different environments like test, production (prod), development (dev), etc. This feature is crucial for distinguishing activities across various stages of your project lifecycle.

By effectively using these filtering and sorting capabilities, you can quickly pinpoint specific events, streamline your project management process, and maintain a high level of auditability and accountability within your Neurelo Dashboard.

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