API Keys


In Neurelo, an API Key is a security credential that grants permissions to use the APIs for a specific environment. It serves as a form of authentication, allowing applications or users to make authorized requests to the API. API Keys are included in API requests to verify the identity and permissions of the requester. These keys help ensure secure and controlled access to the API's functionality and data.

Creating an API Key in Neurelo

This is a necessary step as part of activating an environment, especially when working with API endpoints. This key acts as a key for securing and authorizing your API interactions. Here’s how to create one:

  1. Initiating API Key Creation:

    • For a project, access the environment page by clicking the "Environments" option from the left sidebar. This will load the page with the list of environments deployed for that project.

    • Click on the "API Keys" button for a specific environment from the overview, or click on the Environment and select the "API Keys" tab. This will load a page with the detailed list of created keys and the ability to create a new api key.

    • Click on the "New" button on the API Keys tab. This action will open a prompt for API Key creation.

  2. Configuring Key Details:

    • API Key Name: You will be asked to provide a name for your new api key. Choose a name that is indicative of its use or purpose.

    • Permission Selection: Decide the level of permission for the api key. The options are:

      • Read: This permission is always pre-selected and mandatory, allowing the key to read data.

      • Write: Optionally, you can also enable the "Write" permission if the key is needed to modify or add data. This selection depends on your project requirements.

  1. Generating the API Key:

    • After selecting the necessary options and filling in the information, click on "Create."

    • A new prompt will appear with an important alert message: "Store this private key securely - For security reasons, you won't be able to view it again in your Neurelo Account. If you lose this secret key, you'll need to generate a new one."

Please make sure to copy and save this api key in a secure location. Neurelo does not save this key and it cannot be retrieved again from the Neurelo dashboard once this step is completed.

  1. Copying Your Generated API Key:

    • The dialog box will display your "Generated API Key"

    • You can either manually select and copy the contents or click on the "Copy" button next to the field with the key to copy it to your clipboard.

    • Below the api key, you’ll also see the permissions associated with it.

    • Once you have securely copied and stored the api key, click on "Close" to return to the Environment page and continue with your journey

The "Close" option in the dialog box will not be activated until the api key has been "Copied"

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