Quick Start Guide


The Quick Start guide for a new project is the recommended method for setting up a project with Neurelo.

Starting with Quick Start: For most users, especially those new to Neurelo, the Quick Start option is the best way to begin. It provides a comprehensive guide through each of the 5 steps of the setup process, ensuring that users cover all necessary aspects for a successful onboarding.

This flow provides an intuitive 5-step guide for users to

  1. Setup their data sources

  2. Add schema definitions

  3. Create environments

  4. Configure API Keys to be used with APIs, and

  5. Start the environment runners to be able to use the APIs

Diving Deeper into Quick Start

The Quick Start guide is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for users to understand and complete each step efficiently.

By following the Quick Start, users can ensure that their project is correctly set up and ready to leverage Neurelo's features starting with auto-generated REST and GraphQL APIs. This approach simplifies the initial setup and helps you get your project up and running quickly.

Let's start with the first step to "Add a Data Source".

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