Syncing Branches

By default, the project will use the branch specified as the "Default Branch" when connecting the Remote Git repository to the project.

Branch Setup

  • You can sync an existing branch from the repo or create a new branch in Neurelo by using the Branch selector and clicking on the “New branch”

  • You can enter the name of the branch and “Submit”

  • This will pull the branch from the remote git repository if it is found; or otherwise, create a new branch off the default branch.

  • New changes will be pulled every 5 minutes, or you can manually pull the changes by clicking on the “Sync” button.

Manual Sync

Once you push new commits to your branch, you can sync those changes in Neurelo by clicking on the “Sync” button.

  • For example, let’s say we have a branch named feature-1 at commit 8a9731...9f6553

  • If we push commits to the branch on the remote git, they will appear in the repository’s commit history. The new commit here is f7559f8.

  • Then, we can go to Neurelo and click on Sync for the feature-1 branch. This will start a sync in the background and pull the new commit.

  • If we open the Commit History in Neurelo, we see that the “new commit” with the same commit ID as GitHub appears.

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