Neurelo's data definition comprises of three key elements - Schema, Auto Generated APIs and Custom Queries. Definitions exist inside a project and are scoped only to that project.

Definitions are configured at a project level and can be deployed across different environments inside that project. Neurelo definitions are version controlled (using the notion of branches and commits) and include comprehensive documentation.

Neurelo Data Definitions = Schema + Migrations + Auto Generated APIs + Custom APIs

Schema: Programmable representation of users data model for that specific project. Neurelo supports JSON and YAML codification of data models using Neurelo's Schema Language definition.

Auto Generated APIs and API Docs: Neurelo instantly Auto Generates Data APIs (for all your CRUD operations across single or multiple entities and advanced queries) based on schema defined within the project. Neurelo generates REST and GraphQL API endpoints.

Custom Query Endpoints: Custom Query endpoints feature allows users to define (or use Neurelo's AI Assist functionality to generate) database specific native query code, especially for complex queries, and instantly make them available as REST or GraphQL API endpoints.

Accessing the Definitions Section in Neurelo

The Definitions section in Neurelo is an integral part of your project where you can manage and modify your database schema, custom queries, and view API documentation. Here’s how to navigate to this section:

  1. Locating the Definitions Section:

    • On your Neurelo Dashboard, look at the sidebar (left pane).

    • The Definitions section is conveniently located right below the "Dashboard" section and above the "Environments" section.

  2. Opening the Definitions Section:

    • Click on the "Definitions" option for the project.

    • This action will open up the Definitions section, where you can engage with various aspects of your project’s schema and related elements.

The Definitions section is a critical workspace for the project setup and customization. It offers tools and features to shape the data model and API structure of your project, ensuring that your database aligns perfectly with your project's requirements.

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