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Inviting Team Members and Managing Roles in Neurelo

Neurelo enables you to invite team members, collaborators, and stakeholders to your organization. These individuals can manage the project as an Administrator and/or contribute to the project as a Member. Here’s how you can manage these settings:

Accessing the Members section (Admins Only)

  • To begin, navigate to the lower left corner of your Neurelo Dashboard.

  • Click on the Org selector and select the organization you would like to edit the membership for.

  • Select "Members" from this list to access the Members section.

Only the Admins of the Organization can list and manage members

Inviting New Users:

  • On the Members page, you’ll find the "Invite User" option.

  • Clicking "Invite User" opens a popup window where you can add a new user.

  • Enter the user’s email address and select their role from the dropdown menu. Available roles typically include "Admin," "Member," and possibly others (future), depending on your organization's setup. See this for details on the Admin v/s Member roles.

  • After selecting the appropriate role, click "Submit" to send an invitation to the user. The invited user will receive an email to join the organization with the designated role. This invited user can be a user with an existing account in Neurelo or may need to create a new account. Once they have a valid account and accept the invite, they will be added to this organization.

Viewing Current Users:

  • Back in the Members section, click on the "Users" tab.

  • This tab displays all users who have accepted the invitation and currently have access to the dashboard for the organization.

  • From here, you can invite new users as well as manage existing memberships.

Tracking Invitation History:

  • Next to the "Users" tab, you’ll find the "Invitation History" tab.

  • This section allows you to view all the invitations you have sent out, including pending and accepted invites. It’s an effective way to track who has been invited and their current status. You can also re-send an invitation from this page.

By utilizing these features, you can effectively manage who has access to your Neurelo projects, ensuring that the right people have the right level of access for collaboration and monitoring. This system enhances teamwork and project oversight, making your workflow more efficient and organized.

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