Org Settings

Managing Organization Settings in Neurelo

The Organization Settings in Neurelo provide a straightforward way to personalize and update your organization’s profile. Here are the key functionalities available in this section:

  1. Change the Org Logo:

    • In Organization Settings, you have the option to update or change the logo of your organization. This logo represents your organization on the Neurelo platform and can help with quickly identifying your organization in Neurelo with your brand image.

    • To update the image, simply click on the current profile image and select a new image from your device. This new image will replace the existing one and be displayed as your organization’s profile picture.

  2. Change Organization Name:

    • Another critical feature in Organization Settings is the ability to change your organization's name.

    • This option is particularly useful if your organization undergoes rebranding or if you need to correct a typo in the current name.

    • To change the name, locate the organization name field, make your edits, and save the changes. The new name will be reflected immediately across the Neurelo platform.

These settings allow you to maintain the most current and relevant information for your organization, ensuring that your Neurelo account aligns with your organization's identity and branding.

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