Schema Visualization: Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)


Visual Data Schema, often presented in the Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) format, plays a pivotal role in understanding and designing complex database schemas. With an ERD, developers can visually understand the relationships between different entities, such as tables, in their database schema. This visual representation offers a clear and intuitive overview of the database structure, facilitating effective communication among team members and aiding in the identification of potential design flaws or optimization opportunities. Additionally, ERD views serve as valuable documentation for both current and future development efforts, ensuring consistency and coherence in database design.

Neurelo supports schema visualization for PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB, providing developers with intuitive insights into their database schema layout.

Exploring the Schema Visualization in Neurelo

The Schema Visualization feature allows you to visualize the structure of your database in the ERD view. Here’s how you can navigate and use Schema Visualization:

Viewing the ERD

  • Access the "Definition" section for your project from the left navigation bar.

  • This will display the Schema in either JSON, YAML or the Schema Builder view based on your last selectiom

  • Next to the mode selector near the top right, you will see the icon toolbar. In there, click on the "ERD" icon as show below

Inspecting ERD Details:

  • Block: A block in an ERD view represents an object (table/collection in PostgreSQL and MySQL) or an innerObject (MongoDB only - embedded document) in a database, with each row representing a specific attribute or property of that entity.

  • Lines: In an ERD view, a line shows that entities are linked in the database model. Neurelo's ERD view enhances clarity with multi-color connection lines, resembling a rainbow.

You can click on a block to narrow the focus to only those entities that are connected to the selected entity

You can click on particular line linking two blocks, to focus on the two entities connected with that line

  • Navigation Helper: To aid in navigating extensive schemas, Neurelo offers a visual navigation helper located at the bottom right of the screen, providing users with a clear indication of their current location within the expansive data schema.

  • ERD Settings: Neurelo offers users to customize ERD navigation direction, background, and connection line colors, tailoring the visual representation to suit their preferences and workflow.

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