API Playground


Neurelo's API Playground provides the ability to run and test all of Neurelo Data APIs in a environment. With the playground capability, you can instantly validate your auto generated APIs, extensibility options as well as custom query API endpoints.

API Docs and Playground for an environment inside a project

  • Step into your project from Neurelo's dashboard

  • Inside the project, select Environments from left navigation panel. This should open a new page that list all your Environments inside this project.

  • Select an environment. This will open up a detailed environment page. By default this page loads APIs page.

  • From here, you can test any API using Neurelo's Playground feature. Click the "Play" icon from the right side of the screen.

  • This will open a Playground page with all APIs listed in the left navigation panel. Select any API, enter the required information including the API Key and hit the Send button

  • The Playground should display the results or errors accordingly.

While using Neurelo's API Playground, it would be faster to keep that environment's specific API Key ready as Neurelo does not store the api keys

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