Connecting a Remote Git Repo

In this example, we will be using Github as a representative example of a platform where you have your git repository. You can use similar steps to connect git repos in other plaforms such as Gitlab, BitBucket and others.

Setup with GitHub using Deploy Keys

Let’s say we have a private GitHub Repository named my-app and want to use it for the Neurelo definitions in the project. The recommended way to connect the repository with Neurelo is to use the “Deploy Keys” feature.

  • Copy the SSH URL for the Repository from GitHub

  • Next, Create a new Project in Neurelo, set the name and the database engine, check the “Use Remote Git Repository” check box, and click “Next.”

  • This will open the Repository Configuration. Select the “SSH” mode and enter the SSH URL we copied from GitHub in the “Repository URL.” In our example, the main is the default branch.

Next we need to add the Neurelo Public Key into the GitHub Repository

  • Copy the Public Key from the Neurelo project

  • Navigate to the Settings tab in your GitHub repository and open the “Deploy keys” page

  • Paste the Public Key from the Neurelo Remote Git Configuration Dialog. Ensure that “Allow write access” is enabled so Neurelo can commit the definitions.

  • Once added, the key will show up on the Deploy Keys page. It should have the “Read/write” permissions.

Test the Connection

  • Once the Public key has been added, click “Test Connection” to ensure Neurelo can connect with your repository.

  • Wait for Neurelo to try to test the connection. Upon success, you will see a “Remote repo connection test completed successfully” toast. Click on “Create.”

  • If you navigate to the “Definitions” and open the history, you should be able to see the commits from your Git Repository.

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