Collapsible Sidebar

The sidebar on the dashboard enables quick navigation access for the following actions -

  • Home - Quick access to go back to the main page by clicking on the Neurelo logo

  • Project Selector - Quickly select the project you want to work on. Each project has options for

    • Dashboard - Summary of the onboarding progress and widgets for accessing environments and data sources within the project

    • Definitions - Go to the definitions section of the project

    • Environments - Go to the environments section of the project

    • Data Sources - Go to the data sources section of the project

    • Settings - Open up the project settings page

  • Docs: Link to access the Product Documentation (

  • Support: Send us an email or reach us on our Discord Server for help

  • Org Selector

    • Select an Organization to work on the projects in that org

    • Organization settings page

    • Manage membership in the organization

    • Audit Events

  • Collapse/Expand

    The sidebar opens by default in the expanded mode, but can be collapsed to get more space for the project workspace in your browser. The collapse/expand option will appear once you move your mouse to the sidebar

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