Schema Builder


The Schema Builder Mode in the schema editor enables users to quickly create, update, manage and view their project level schema (data models) with a simple and intuitive UI.

For more details and examples about Neurelo's Schema Language (NSL), check out the NSL guide

Exploring the Schema Builder in Neurelo

The Schema Builder in Neurelo is an interactive tool that allows you to visualize and modify the structure of your database. Here’s how you can navigate and use the Schema Builder:

Viewing Objects:

  • The Schema Builder displays all objects defined in your database schema.

  • Clicking on an object brings up detailed information in the Builder section of the page.

  • You can add and delete objects from here

Inspecting Object Details:

  • Properties: This section shows the properties of the selected object. Click on any property to view and edit its details. You can also create new properties.

  • Relationships: Here you can see how the selected object relates to other objects in your database. You can add and edit relationships

  • Constraints: This includes configurations such as unique, index and identifier for that object which you can add/delete/update from here.

Editing Property Details:

  • Type Format: When a property is selected, you can define its type and format using a dropdown menu with options like "integer," "bigInt," "float," and others.

  • Property Settings: Below the Type Format, there’s a list of checkboxes for settings such as "Identifier," "Unique," and "Nullable."

  • Description: Add a description for the property for better understanding and documentation.

  • Source Settings: Sometimes the property needs to be configured differently inside the actual database, different from the name of the property in Neurelo's schema.

    • Source Name: Specify the name of this property inside the database

    • Source Type: Map the Neurelo type explicity to a particular type inside the database

Configuring Default Settings for a Property:

  • Default Type: Choose between "value" and "function" from the dropdown. This setting determines the "default" handling for the property in the database.

  • Depending on the Default Type:

    • If "value" is selected, you'll be prompted to enter a "Default Value"

    • If "function" is chosen, you'll need to specify a "Default Function"

All changes made needed to be "Commit"'ed to use in other parts of the project. The commit part is covered in the next page and under "Branches and Commits"

The Schema Builder is a comprehensive and useful tool within Neurelo that provides detailed viewing and editing capabilities for your database schema, ensuring that you can accurately define and refine the properties and relationships of your database objects.

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