The Neurelo Dashboard acts as your main control hub, providing a range of features to effectively handle your projects and carry out different tasks.

Here's a quick overview of what you can accomplish on the Dashboard:

  1. Projects: Easily select an existing project or initiate new projects directly from the dashboard. This feature is designed for quick access, allowing you to continue working on an existing project or to start new projects.

  2. Light/Dark Mode: Personalize your experience by switching the dashboard theme between light and dark modes. This feature enhances visual comfort and accessibility, catering to different preferences and working environments.

  3. Account Settings: Update and manage your personal account settings. This could include changing your name, email address, and setting up a profile pic. You can also enable 2FA for your account from here. Note, if you signed up using an Email/Password and need to reset your password , please use the "Did you forget your password? Recover your account" workflow on the page from the sign-in page at https://dashboard.neurelo.com.

  4. Audit Events: Keep track of activities and changes made in the organization across projects and environments by using the audit events feature. This is crucial for monitoring the performance and security of your projects. Note - this feature is only available for the Admins in the organization.

  5. Members: View and manage the list of members within your organization. This feature is essential for team collaborations, allowing you to add, remove, or change roles of team members. Admins of the organization can invite other users as Admins or Members.

  6. Organization Settings: Manage and modify settings related to your organization. This includes updating organization details, and configuring a logo for the organization.

  7. Docs: Link to access Neurelo Product Documentation (https://docs.neurelo.com)

  8. Contact Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions, the dashboard provides a direct link to contact Neurelo’s support team. This ensures that help is readily available whenever needed.

    • For support using email, please send us an email to support@neurelo.com with details of the help needed

    • For faster support, please join our Discord Server using https://discord.com/invite/5VRK8vyFmG and send us a message there.

With these functionalities, the Neurelo Dashboard is designed to be an all-encompassing interface, simplifying the management of your projects and enhancing your overall experience with Neurelo’s platform.

Let's dive into some of these features to get a better understanding of navigating the Dashboard.

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