Step 3 - Create an Environment


Environments are run time workspaces that allow users to run their Neurelo APIs using a specific version (commit) of their definitions and custom queries against a specific data source. Neurelo environments are built to be naturally aligned to typical Software Development LifeCycles (SDLC) as applications are developed, tested, deployed, and operated. Step 3 of the project onboarding flow is to create an environment

Create an Environment in Neurelo

In Neurelo, creating environments is a important step for managing different stages of your project. Whether it's for development, testing or production, Neurelo enables you to set up multiple environments tailored to your needs. Here's how you can create an environment:

  1. Understanding the Need for Environments:

    • Environments like "test," "dev," or "prod" are essential for experimenting and deploying different stages of your project. ("test," "dev," or "prod" are examples of names you can provide, you have the choice to name your environment)

    • Neurelo requires at least one environment to complete your project setup.

  2. Initiating Environment Creation:

    • In the Quickstart guide, locate the "Create an Environment" section.

    • Click on the "New Environment" button to start setting up your environment.

  1. Filling in Environment Details:

  • Environment Name: Input a name for your environment. This could be indicative of its purpose, like "development" or "testing", or can be any relevant name for the environment e.g. "Dev-FR-Book-Covers", "[QA] [JIRA-953]: Add defaults for input fields"

  • Region: Select the region you would like to spin up this environment in. We currently support 3 regions

    • AWS us-east-2 (Ohio, US)

    • AWS us-west-2 (Oregon, US)

    • AWS ap-south-1 (Mumbai, India)

It is highly recommended that you create your Neurelo environments geographically as close to where the data source is as possible, for the best performance and lowest latency for your projects.

If you added Neurelo IPs to the allowed-list for your firewalls/security groups, as part of connecting your data source to Neurelo, please make sure to select the same region for your environment as you did when adding the data source

  • Select a Commit: Every environment needs a definition commit which will be used in that environment. Once a commit is attached, the autogenerated APIs from that commit and custom query endpoints are available for use in that environment. In the dropdown for selection, one can select a branch and a commit from that branch to be used for the environment.

Every project definition has an "Initial Empty Commit" created as part of initializing the project. This commit cannot be used for any environment.

  1. Data Source Configuration:

    Every environment also needs a valid data source attached to it for it to be operational. When an environment is being created, if there is only one data source in the project it will be pre-selected. If you have multiple data sources, you can select the desired one to be used from the dropdown menu.

  2. Configuring Additional Settings:

  • Observability: Enable this to activate observability for the environment, allowing you to monitor and analyze the environment's performance.

  • Automatic Migrations (Preview): This toggle enables automatic migrations (disabled by default) within the environment. It's particularly useful for managing database schema changes directly through Neurelo. This setting is applicable only for relational databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL, and will show up as an option only when Migrations are enabled at the Project level

Once the environment has been created, Step 3 of the Quick Start has been completed and the page will look something like this. The next step in the onboarding process is step 4 - Create an API Key

By following these steps, you can effectively create and configure environments in Neurelo, ensuring that each stage of your project, from development to production, has the right setup and tools for success.

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